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“The building has been here for years but recently we have been having lots of problems with our computers and communications equipment”.

“We never had problems with our electrical equipment before”.

“We put in new lighting with electronic ballasts to save on energy costs, but now we are having lots of lighting maintenance costs”.

These three quotes are just a few of the very many that we regularly hear from building owners and other customers. People just don’t seem to recognize that over the last 20 years there has been an explosion of new electronic devices. What is worse is that the manufacturers of those fancy gadgets that make workers more productive don’t bother telling their customers that the neat new features that they have added to their gadgets require higher complexity integrated circuits (IC’s) and are therefore the gadgets are more sensitive to transients. It seems a shame that users spend thousands, or even millions, on equipment to improve productivity and then have to spend more money to keep those electronics working. The truly sad part of this is that a relatively small investment in the right retrofit surge protection solution could prevent these maintenance costs. Companies seeking long term savings through reduced electrical maintenance, equipment repair costs, and downtime will want to retrofit a comprehensive layered protection system to all parts of their wiring based systems.

Total Protection Solutions offers facilities surveys to help determine the proper retrofit of a comprehensive layered protection system that will increase equipment reliability and facility productivity. Those seeking the maximum return on their investments and looking for improvements to their bottom line profitability should call their local Total Protection Solutions distributor today.

ServiceTrackST   ServiceTrack ST

Categories A, B, & C

COMPLIES TO UL 1449 4th Ed., Type 1 for Type 1 & Type 2 locations and UL1283.

Ideal for main service entrance, distribution panel and branch panel applications. ServiceTrack ST products are the choice for main servcie, distribution panel, and branch panel applications. Compact design offers easy installation. The optional enhanced transient filter will extend your equipment life and reliability.
LowProfile_Products   LowProfile

Category A & B

COMPLIES TO UL 1449 4th Ed., Type 1 for Type 1 & Type 2 locations and UL1283

Ideal for Sub-Panel and Critical Load Applications. Low Profile products maximize correct installation and offer performance advantages with in-wall flush mount capability. The best choice for sub-panel and critcal load applications with the best enhanced transient filter (ETF) in the industry.

TransTrack_Products   TransTrack

Categories A, B, & C

COMPLIES TO UL 1449 4th Ed., Type 2 and UL1283

Ideal for distribution panels, branch panels and critical load applications.
LT_Family   LoadTrack

Categories A, B, & C

Ideal for critical dedicated load applications. LoadTrack products are the choice for critical dedicated control loads, such as PLCs, fire alarm panels, CNC control systems, OEM and systems integration controls and other microprocessor-based loads.
CT_Family   ComTrack

Surge Protective Devices for data and communications applications.

ComTrack products are the most reliable surge protective devices for data and communication applications. Provides quality protection for telephone lines, data/signal lines and coaxial lines. 10-Year Free Replacement Warranty

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